Frequently Asked Questions

What does the cost of camp include? The cost of camp includes lodging, meals, fun, and a t-shirt.

What if a child wants to come but the registration date has passed? We do not like turning any child away! I always say – BRING THEM! We do need their name, grade, and t-shirt size as soon as possible. I always order a few extra t-shirts, but I can’t guarantee they will get one in their size:( I do ask you let me know, within THREE to FOUR days prior to camp beginning, your final camper list. Lodging arrangements are the toughest to change. We keep churches together for lodging and it can be a puzzle changing lodging at registration.

Can parents visit? Yes! We have an “unofficial” parent’s night the last night of each camp. Parent night will be held on Sunday night and Wednesday night depending on the camp you attend. Parents may eat with their child at dinner (5pm). Parents should bring CASH and plan to pay $7 for ADULTS and $4 for CHILDREN – 10 years of age.

After dinner, parents may attend Fun Feature and Worship with their child. If parents choose to stay through worship, we ask they stay for the entire time. We find it is important to limit distractions during the presentation of the gospel. Parents may leave after the Fun Feature, if they choose, and/or after the camp video. We will not have a break after Fun Feature the last night of camp.

My (girl) child only has “Nike” shorts. Do they have to wear jean shorts or jeans during camp? Our camp has one MAIN goal, and that is to lead children to Christ. We want to honor the Lord in everything: speech, dress, actions, thoughts, etc. With that being said – I understand girls LOVE Nike shorts, and I also know “appropriate” shorts are unfortunately hard to find. Do your best. Would you wear your outfit in front of Jesus (He sees all anyway!)? If your children’s director is okay with your choice of clothing, then we likely will be as well. MODESTY is IN STYLE!!

Are water shoes REALLY required? YES! Water shoes are required to participate in any of the lake activities (blob, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, or swimming in the lake). They are NOT required at the swimming pool! Many children choose to wear them during the afternoon wet rec as well.

Does my child need to bring extra money? That is totally up to you. We have a gift shop and snack shack campers can visit and the items vary in price. The band and pastor will sell items at times, and we take a missions offering on the last night. **As a mom of a camper, I always divided up my boys money into baggies for each day. They knew what they had to spend each day at camp. Students have been known to spend $20 the first day and have nothing the remaining time at camp! This is just an idea:)

Can my child bring their phone and/or electronic devices? This is not going to be a popular answer: we would rather they did not. Why? We want our children and adults to focus on Jesus while at camp. It is so tempting to be on an electronic device if in the possession of a child. Now, with that being said – we do not go through bags! If you decide to send a phone with your child, please know – dorms are not locked and phones are not allowed during Bible study or worship. Most sponsors have their phones, and we would rather you contact them if necessary. You may also contact me at the number listed on the website. Service is not always the best at camp. A text may be the best way to contact me.

Are there lifeguards at the lake and pool? YES! There are lifeguards at the lake and the pool! *Reminder: Water shoes are REQUIRED to participate in any lake event.

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